Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well it is zero days untill graduation and the high school stuff has ended. Saying good bye to friends;leaving the teachers that have been the most wonderful people at school in your life. Wanting some comfort from others saying, "It's going to be okay in the big bad nasty world." Wanting to gain new friends before you leave. Wanting some more time in high school to truely figure out who are you and what will be your purpose in life. Leaving the drama behind. Wanting to leave a good legacy behind. Wanting to make sure that every thing is in place such as grades so it will look good for college. Wanting to go back to freshman year to redo it all over again but this time very differently. Wanting to be more popular than you were. Wanting to live better. Hoping that people will miss you just as much as you will miss them. Wanting your parents to be proud of you that you have made it to this mildstone in your life.

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